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The tea has been spilled – ABH Subculture Palette


The good (people who liked the palette)…

Wayne Goss



… the bad (people who didn’t like it)…

Jeffree Star

Manny MUA

Laura Lee

Casey Holmes


Shopper Mandy

… and the ugly (people who did ABH wrong).

Alissa Ashley (I’ve not watched her videos, but the way she was digging her brush into the palette I’m not surprised she hit pan, If I did that on Modern Renaissance the same thing would have happened.)


What do you guys think? Are you going to buy this palette? Have you already bought it? Let me know what you think in the comments below!!

[UPDATE] I’m shook!!!

I wanted to post an update to my previous post. Today the ColourPop brushes went on sale. They lowered the price to $50 for the bundle and $55 with the brush roll. I think it’s awesome that they apparently heard their consumers and as a result of the backlash lowered the price. However, I’m still not buying it. Not when I can get a similar morphe set for 39.99$. Morphe is tried and true. I KNOW Morphe brushes are good, I have Morphe brushes and I love them. I honestly thought that ColourPop would be in the price range of say BH Cosmetics, as opposed to being on the high end side. For comparison they’re more expensive than Morphe but not as expensive as Sigma. I still want to applaud them though. That is a really awesome thing for a company to do. I do also want to say I ordered a concealer, a bronzer, and two highlights. Came out to $30, got free shipping. What an amazing deal. I will still continue to support them, I like what they’re doing. I hope they keep being an amazing, affordable brand.

Now that the price is lowered, are you going to purchase the set? Let me know in the comments.

I’m shook!!!


I just saw the color pop post where they unveiled the price for their new brush collection and I about suffered a heart attack. Girl. $78 for the brush set, and $86 for the set with the brush roll?!?Number one, this is their first brush collection. We don’t know how these perform or the quality. Second, Colourpop has in the past been known as a very affordableΒ brand. $78/$86 is not affordable for a brush set!!!

C7S0ouqVAAANACjTo compare the Copper Dreams Brush Set from Morphe is also a 12 piece brush set. Has some similar brushes, has the white handles, and is only $39.99. This set also includes a brush holder. The Rose Romance 12 piece set with bag from BH Cosmetics is on sale right now for $16.79. There is no way on gods green earth am I paying that much for a ColourPop brush set. No way, no how. Eco Tools, Elf, and Real Techniques also have very nice brushes at a very affordable price. I’m sorry ColourPop I love you I love your shadows, I love your liquid lips, and your lippie stix, but for me it’s a hard pass on this brush set.


What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.

Why I will no longer be shopping at Sephora.

To put it simply there is no incentive to shop there. They do absolutely nothing for their customers, but here’s a break down of why I won’t be spending my hard earned money at Sephora.

The first thing that put a bad taste in my mouth is their rewards program. Basically there is no reward. You get deluxe samples basically. At Ulta, you get actual money off. They also announced your points will be expiring. Where exactly is the reward again?

Second thing is there are no coupons. EVER. Ulta regularly has 20% one item or 20% off your entire order. I love those coupons because it gives me a chance to get a good deal on something that may be expensive. Sephora NEVER gives you that opportunity. Unless the manufacturer puts something on sale you’re never going to get a deal. How is this in any way consumer friendly? I mean it’s not like their prices are so good that they don’t need to put stuff on sale. God I couldn’t even keep a straight face typing that.

My next complaint is they have so few stores. I don’t exactly live in the middle of no where but I’m not in a big city either. The closest Sephora to me is 50 miles away. In contrast I have two Ultas within 20 miles of me. That is just a no brainer as far as I’m concerned.

Lastly, their Sephora brand makeup is getting out of control. $68 for their pro palettes that aren’t even that good? Are you serious right now? I’ll pay $68 for Urban Decay, ABH, Tarte, but I refuse to pay that kind of money for Sephora brand makeup. Sorry honey, it’s not going to happen.

What are your thoughts on Sephora vs Ulta vs other high end cosmetic retailers. Let me know in the comments below!

NARS is no longer cruelty free.

This has been widely discussed in the makeup community as of late. You can read on this blog post about all the details. The tl;dr is that they want to expand their market and sell their products in China which requires by law some products to be tested on animals. When I first saw this I thought WTF NARS why would you go in the opposite direction of most companies. However, when I actually read about it I was like oh okay they want to go into a market where the government REQUIRES it to be done. It’s not like they just randomly decided, “Hey lets test on animals!” While it does suck, and while I wish it wasn’t the case, I will still continue to purchase NARS products. I do not buy makeup based on if it’s cruelty free or not, and lets be honest I freaking love NARS orgasm blush. Call me cold or cruel, but this wasn’t a random decision the company made, and I believe that if it wasn’t required by law they would still continue to be cruelty free. What do you think about this decision? Leave me your opinion in the comments below. Please be sure to like and follow. Thank you!

Happy National Pink Day!!

In honor of National Pink Day here are some of my favorite pink makeup products!!

Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick in Pink Really Hard $4.99

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Nude-Pink Powder Highlighter & Luminizer $29.00

Star Power in the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Palette $45.00

Stila heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Kitten $32.00 (this looks gold in the picture but it’s a very pretty light pink color)

KL Polish in MIA $8.50

What are your favorite pink products? Leave me a comment below. Don’t forget to like and follow before you leave. Thank you!!